About Us

Arcosa Aggregates is the leading producer and distributer of construction materials and services. We are unified in our commitment to building a better world through the foundations of roads, bridges, and buildings in communities across the United States. We have developed strong partnerships with the construction, civil engineering and environmental industries.

Arcosa Aggregates has experienced rapid growth as the result of the acquisition of several industry leading regional companies. ACG joined the Arcosa Aggregates team in 2018. Stonepoint and Southwest Rock joined in 2021. With these additions, we have expanded our product offering and geographic area coverage.

Why choose Arcosa Aggregates?

Our employees strive for greatness through consistently setting high standards of excellence and maintaining a continuous improvement mindset. From your first contact with sales or at the scale house, to the top leadership, our mission is to work hard, safely, and get things done together.

Our large geographic area means that no matter where you are, Arcosa Aggregates is your capable supplier. Our rock, gravel, and sand facilities include locations in Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and all along the Gulf Coast. For more information about our many locations – CLICK HERE.

Our aggregate products are used in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial construction products. We specialize in the production of sand, gravel, and crushed limestone. Our production and distribution facilities are strategically located throughout the United States to ensure the best products are the foundations of roads, bridges, buildings, and homes.

Arcosa Aggregates products are thoroughly tested at our production facilities to ensure our materials meet or exceed our customers specifications. We also have the ability to work with customers to produce customized products.